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Our supply of services is based on the competence and long-time experience of our staff and covers the following fields:

  • Hydrological Models
    Process based models (LARSIM, (B)FGM, WaSiM) and models based on artificial intelligence (AI): model development, parametrization and calibration, model improvement and adaptation, training

  • Operational forecasting and early warning
    high water, low water, water temperature

  • Model-based hydrological investigations
    climate change, land use change, design runoff, potential for hydroelectric power generation, groundwater recharge, soil water cycle, soil erosion, snow

  • Model-based optimization
    flood protection measures, detention basins, low water and water quality management

  • Water quality modelling and analysis
    water temperature, oxygen and nutrient budget, hydrochemistry, thermal plumes and jets, waste water plumes and jets

  • Special software
    special developments and customizing on demand

  • Surveys
    authorisation procedures, literature reviews

  • Examination of measured and simulated data
    time series analysis, frequency analysis, multivariate statistics, geostatistics, GIS